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How can I help keep the area clean?

We make great efforts to keep our grounds free of trash, litter, and waste of any kind including but not limited to cigarette butts, gum, candy wrappers, fish entrails, cans and bottles, or anything else that was not there upon our guests arrival.

Each cabin has two garbage cans inside and one outside. Fresh bags are provided daily if needed.

Please dispose of all feminine products properly by placing them in the trash and do not flush them into the sewer system. Like in your own home, these and other paper products (including paper towels) or anything other than normal toilet tissue will plug up and then back up our plumbing. Feminine products are not biodegradable and will cause hundreds of dollars in plumbing costs to clean out the lines when they get stuck and leave us with a big mess and you with no toilet to use.

We do our best to keep up with the daily trash disposal, but if your can gets full, please empty it at the dumpster provided behind the property.

To keep costs down we do not hire employees to empty trash cans, and sometimes trash accumulates so fast, we can’t keep up!

Thank you for policing your refuse and keeping your area as clean as it was found.